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~Dedicated to Summer 2001~

What true friends are for...

I remember they days of Summer 2001. I spent most of my time depressed and hurt by the people at my school and past events. I created an online life that summer that I will never forget. Something that I learned about people is that it doesn't matter if your friends are on the computer and they live somewhere else, it's the fact that you actually have them. That summer I made so many friends online it wasn't even funny. But a select 6 of them turned my life around forever. The 6 girls who brought me out of serious depression were Chelsea (Celina), Christine, Ashley, Erinne, Heather, and Erin. They guided me through my problems day by day and help me build strength to make it through the tough world out there. I owe my life and everything I have to these 6 wonderful friends of mine. But as I said, they may be over a computer, but I claim them as my best friends. No one is more special than them. I remember that night I was watching "The Outer Limits" on the Sci-Fi channel. The narrator was talking at the end of the episode and metioned something that reminded me of these guys. He said that there was no more powerful of a force than love. And he's right! These girls took advantage of that and spent their time helping me out when they could have been doing better things. I appriciate all the help they have given me and thank them with a warm and open heart. If you ever see the smile on that is on my face, you'll know that these young girls put it there. Thank you for a great summer and a new start for a great life you guys. I can't wait 'til California....LATER! :D

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