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I dunno about that Mind-It feature you guys. That is for giving your email to them so whenever I update this web site, it sends you an alert to you. If you don't like junk mail, I'd be cautious about signing up for that cuz you maybe in for a load of it. :-\ But if you don't give a fuck, what the hell, sign up! :)

Click here to go shop for crap you always wanted while at the same time have your credit card number stolen over the net. I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your personal information. (for example: your credit card number) Use at your own risk! Have fun!

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Google in my opinion is the top search engine on the web to this day. It NAILS the search and doesn't give you a load of bullshit like yahoo. But don't forget Hotbot! It's still a very good search engine too! I think you might be able to argue over which one is better, but I prefer google over everything.

I recommend using Hotbot over Lycos. No offense to Lycos but Hotbot won't give you as much junk in your search. Hotbot also allows you to customize your search down to the dot!

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The "Go Get It" slogan that Lycos has makes me wonder if it actually means go get everything else except what you're searching for. You never know, give Lycos a try.